Questions To Ask Before Getting A Brazilian Butt Lift

1. What is the treatment, Brazilian Butt Lift all about and how does it work?

The buttocks are a key element of female beauty, with aesthetic buttock shaping becoming one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures. The buttocks represent a spot of sexual appeal and are also considered as an element of beauty in many parts of the world. Men usually seek smaller butt projections but women want a more prominent and round buttocks which match well with their curved body. The Goal of this surgery is to achieve a beautiful figure even without clothes.

Remodelling of the buttocks involves having a good knowledge of the anatomy as well as an understanding of the relationship of surrounding areas with the buttock. It is important to preserve the harmony of the body proportions.

Buttocks can be augmented (enlarged) by three different surgical methods-

  1. Brazilian Butt lift – This surgical procedure involves taking fat out from areas of excess like the abdomen, flanks and thighs, treating the fat so as to separate the live fat cells and stem cells and then transferring them into the buttocks in small aliquots to achieve the enlargement. Fat from the same person can only be used hence this procedure cannot be carried out on people who do not have excess fat deposits.
  2. Implant based Butt augmentation – Cohesive gel silicon implants are place in the gluteal area to augment the buttocks.
  3. Flap based Buttock augmentation- This procedure is usually carried out on people who have lost a lot of weight and need a buttock lift along with augmentation. This involves removing the excess loose skin which is then moved into the buttock area along with its blood supply.

2. What are the targeted problems for which it can be used?

The Brazilian Buttock lift can be undertaken for the following indications-

  1. for the correction of the congenital asymmetry of the buttocks
  2. for traumatic deformities
  3. for acquired defects and abnormal shapes which can be due to unnatural fat deposits, obesity or weight loss.
  4. and for the aesthetic enhancement (by augmentation or by reduction) of the contour of the buttocks.

3. What is the science behind this treatment?

Using fat to enlarge the buttocks is both a natural approach and a method of recycling or redistribution. Using liposuction to harvest fat from undesired body places, it is then processed and injected where someone wants it in the buttocks. In essence, every Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) is two procedures in one both of which work to create an improved torso shape. The appeal of this dual approach has led to making it a sought after aesthetic procedure.

4. How often do you recommend your clients for the treatment?

Brazilian buttock lift is usually offered to people who come in for body contouring procedures namely Lipocontouring with or without abdominoplasty (surgical Tummy tuck) and who do have a flat buttock. Almost all ladies suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome( PCOS) have large fat deposits in the abdomen and flanks with negligent buttocks hence they are offered these services along with Lipocontouring.

I recommend this procedure to almost 20% of my female patients who seek body shaping procedures.

5. Can Brazilian Butt Lift be combined with any other treatment? If yes, then what are the benefits?

As a procedure Brazilian Butt lift is combined with Lipocontouring which helps reduce fat from areas where there is excess and it is not required. The surgeries usually associated with Brazilian Butt lift are as follows-

  1. Liposuction- To reduce fat in areas of excess and to provide a narrow waist and slimmer thighs
  2. Tummy tuck- To tighten the abdominal skin and to provide a flat abdomen
  3. Fat grafting to the face and / or genital areas- Fat grafting as a process can be done for other possible areas where there has been a volume loss.

The benefits of combining the procedures is-

  1. The downtime is limited.
  2. Multiple procedures can be done in a single hospital setting thus saving on costs.
  3. Patient does not have to undergo multiple liposuction procedures for each area of fat grafting.

6. Are there any side-effects of this treatment?

These surgeries are not associated with side effects rather there are risks associated just like any other surgical procedures.

The surgery would be undertaken under anaesthesia which is very safe in trained hands.

The risks of surgery include infections, scarring, asymmetry, non-survival of fat or in rare instances can cause major infections and embolism.

7. What are the pre and post-therapy measures to be followed?

The pre therapy measures include-

  1. A complete checkup of all the systems to check for the different systems of the body which includes kidneys, liver, heart and lungs.
  2. Cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption.
  3. All skin infections and urinary infection should be treated.

The post therapy measures include-

Medications for a week.

Not to put pressure on the buttock area for 2 weeks.

Not to exercise for 6 weeks.

To wear a corset so as to keep the operated areas in shape.

8. How do your educate your client about the treatment?

I educate people through literature, photographs and also through a body shaping software (only one of a type in India). A complete clinical assessment is necessary along with drawings on their photographs so that patients can understand removal and addition of fat to shape the body.

9. How many sessions are recommended for a visible difference and absolute cure?

This is usually done in a single session. At the most patients may need 2 sessions for the best outcome. There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be injected as it depends on the volume of aspirate.

10. How prevalent is this treatment in India?

Brazilian Butt lift was introduced in India by me and I have been doing this for more than 12 years with long term results in which the fat cells have survived and have even grown as the patient has put on weight. This procedure is not very prevalent due to the dressing sense among Indians where the derriere is usually covered. As more and more people flaunt their bodies in bikinis, this would become a sought after procedure.

11. What is the future of Brazilian Butt Lift in India?

Brazilian Butt lift has a very bright future in India. This is because of the increase in people travelling overseas for holidays where they can flaunt their bikini bodies. Also increased information from the NET along with pictures of prominent Hollywood Celebrities like Kim Kardashian flaunting their booty being prominently displayed plays prominently on patient’s minds.

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