How have trend of Bridal Treatments increased over the last few years?

The Indian bridal market is estimated at a whopping figure of about $50 Billion. The Wedding season is just around the corner and that means the start of wedding preparations. Wedding planning can be a full-time job. You have to pick a venue, schedule a caterer, and find a dress, among a million other things. For many brides a trip to the dermatologist’s/ cosmetologist office is part of their wedding to-do list.

The trend among brides for different beauty treatments has changed. The Indian bride has changed over the years, and the selection of Cosmetic Surgery is no longer a family matter. Today, the Indian woman knows what she wants and makes the choice herself.

The Bride is expected to look the most beautiful that she has ever looked in her life. Now, whether or not that’s ridiculous and sexist, the pressure is pretty real. And aside from looking good for other people, the Bride wants to look good for herself. After all these photos would be looked at for a long, long time.

From being limited to facials, make-up, hair and nail care, Brides are now looking forward to having hairless smooth lighter skin with no blemishes, younger healthy look of the face with no acne and a proportional body. The pre wedding treatment which include Liposuction, Breast augmentation, Lip fillers, Botox and Lipolysis along with facials and laser treatments have become a norm starting a good 6 months before the wedding day.

1. Please mention one treatment that is trending?

The one treatment that is trending the most in the last couple of years is improvement in the skin colour namely

Skin lightening and glow- Indians have from time immemorial, right across the board have considered fairness as a virtue and anything other than that is very clearly a hurdle to matrimony.

In seeking such a magic wand, glutathione the most powerful anti-oxidant in the human body appears to be the answer to this prayer. It is considered to be safe and a natural skin whitening agent.

Typically results are seen in 1-3 months though results may vary due to the treatment schedule and avoidance of sun exposure. The longer the treatment is taken, better is the result. Long term use can result in significant change in the skin colour as well as glow in the skin. Both oral and injectable treatment gives great results. Glutathione injections should be administered in a full-fledged medical facility so that complaints if any can be appropriately managed.

2. Why must the bride opt for this treatment?

It is not necessary for anybody to undertake these or for that matter any cosmetic treatment. These are not medically necessary treatments nor do they give any major medical benefit.

The reason why many people opt for this treatment is because it is non surgical, there is no down time, the changes are gradual, it can be stopped at any time with no negative effect and it improves the skin in a 3 dimentional fashion by improving the glow, reducing pigmentation in the scars as well as providing overall changes to the skin colour. This can be safely combined with other treatments for the face and skin for added advantage.

3. Approx expenses involved.

The expenses are minimal as the medication is used as a supplement. The monthly treatment is worth a few thousand rupees but the benefits achieved are phenomenal. Glutathione in the form of injections and capsules along with other anti oxidants has provided a fillip to a Brides aspiration of looking fair and glowing on her wedding day and that too without a makeup.

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